Builder #5: Frank Deeth - email for more information

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Start date: Officially April 2007 but unofficially about 1995.

First flight goal date: Too far away to contemplate at this stage.

The Project: The Story So Far - June 2011


Have been busy working on a number of areas such as wing ribs, wing spars, fuselage frames and carry through spares.

If there is one thing I have learned recently it would be how important it is to produce all of your fuselage frames BEFORE you start boxing up the fuselage, particularly if work shop space is at a premium. You could also extend that to fabricating most other aircraft parts as well such as wing ribs and spars. I say this because it looks like the fuselage will be quite a long time on the bench so better to get as many other things done before that space is taken up, that way, you will have other work that can be progressed even if the long bench is occupied.

In the pictures below I have everything I have fabricated so far in shot.

I had a bit of a workshop clean up so it was a good time to give an over view of what has been made. Doesn't look like much I know but there is actually quite a bit there, not even at the "go-cart" stage yet, as my wife calls it! According to my wife there are three phases of visual progress in aircraft construction.....Go-cart stage, boat stage and then finally aircraft stage, when it starts looking like an actual aircraft!

Hope to have some visual progress to report in the not too distant future. Enjoy!

I was recently fortunate to be able to host a visit of Air Force pilots and engineers. These visits are always a good time to take stock of what has been done and what needs to be done...not to mention give the workshop a jolly good clean up and reorganize as required. Pictures below show all kinds of progress including a mock up of the cockpit skins clecoed together, the three main sections of the lower longerons, completed wing spars and flaps. Also the "big four" forward fuselage frames essentially completed. Next big project target is finishing the lower longerons and boxing up the fuselage. Keep checking back for more regular updates!


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