Builder #5: Frank Deeth - email for more information

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Start date: Officially April 2007 but unofficially about 1995.

First flight goal date: Too far away to contemplate at this stage.

The Project: Keep on Flapping - February 2013


I am currently varnishing the inside of the wing spars prior to closing up with full length ply laminations. So I was looking around the work shop for something to do in the mean time. Plus these spars are kinda getting me down and I would like to feel I am making some more progress by actually finishing something! I decided I would make a start on the wing flaps and have a few pics of the spar arrangement. It is a kind of, dual spar, set up with a solid forward spar and an intermediate spar with an upper and lower boom with a rear plywood face. You can see the rear spar of the starboard side in the "jig" on the bench. I have put some small verticals at each rib station even though they are not indicated on the plans. More pictures to come soon.

Some further progress on the flaps. I have just glued the 1/8 birch ply web on the aft face of the port flap "intermediate" spar. The starboard side
I did yesterday and you can see it laying next to the clamped up port side unit. Next job will be to draw up and cut out the remainder of each rib and glue in place. Head on over to the "Wing and a Prayer" section for some spar news!


Check back for progress soon.



A couple of pics of the flap "spars" now that they are completed and ready to marry up to the ribs. This was one of the most difficult pieces to fabricate so far. There are few if any straight edges so it difficult to profile the spar shape whilst trying to follow the rib profiles at the same time.

Some careful use of the bench mounted disc sander and many hours of patience and we have arrived at what you can see here. (below)

Next is to cut out the ribs and glue into position.

3/28/2013 ...this just in, all flap ribs completed and free standing on the "spars", just need to square them up and glue them on!

4/15/2013 - A quick update for the flap construction file. I found in quick order I was able to set up and glue the flap ribs to the spar and then a minor trailing edge to the flap ribs. From here I need to apply the 1.5mm ply sheet on the bottom surface of the flaps. Followed by the standard balsa then plywood again in a mosquito type sandwich. So making good progress with the flaps. Hope to have skins on very soon!


A few pics of my flaps with the first of the bottom skins glued on. Very happy with the finish! Next job is the 3/16" balsa and outer ply. Making some good progress so check back regularly!



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