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Introducing - The SAC Spitfire

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The development of a two seat version is currently being engineered...

The Spitfire was built during a World War when fighting aircraft had a life expectancy measured in less than a hundred missions. The repair, maintenance, and operation of each aircraft were the responsibility of dozens of squadron mechanics or repair depot workers. The Spitfire was never designed for long-term ease of maintenance with many components hard to replace or even reach. Systems were life-limited and developed to allow efficient production not a three-thousand hour airframe life or a sixty year airframe life. The remaining Spitfires require armies of volunteers and/or very large operational budgets far beyond the reach of most aircraft owners.

Living, breathing war relics have become increasingly rare, due to the ravages of time and years of attrition. Despite the incredible efforts of the restorers and museums only a few dozen Spitfires are airworthy today. Their obvious value as historical artifacts, added to their unmatched desirability have brought the value of any airworthy Spitfire to well over $1 million and up to $4 million for those with combat history.

Operators of flying Spits are faced with unavailable parts from fifty or sixty year old inventories. The monetary value of the Spitfire makes the cost of insurance alone a frightening figure. The prospect of owning, flying and operating a Spitfire was until now far out of the reach of pilots with even above average means.

Spitfire Aircraft Company was formed for the specific purpose of creating a real Spitfire, not a half-size toy or 3/4 scale wannabe that the average pilot can afford. We want a full size, full performance, full power warbird for the same reasons you would want one.