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Large Parts
(Prices on Request where not specified)

 Fuel Tank


This includes the 24 volt sender, fuel pump and sealing filler. There is a drain line that goes from aft of the filler to the bottom of the tank in case there is spillage. Top of the tank is also connected for venting. Not in the pix is the return and vent fitting located on the front of the tank at the top. The other fitting next to the fuel pump is for checking for water, it will need to be plumbed to a convenient place on the bottom of the shear panel for drainage. Pump is 24 volt, N.O.S. Roughly calculated it will hold approx 110 gallons. When installing, a 1/2 thick felt pad will be needed on both sides for it to sit on top of the engine bearers. The 2 grooves across the top are for the cables and turnbuckles to anchor it down snugly onto the engine bearers.

 Cost of tank is $7200

 Mark 9 Windscreen

Front and Rear views, duplicated from original castings, exactly as original -  $4000
FOB, Avery, CA USA


Right side view of windscreen & sheet metal Left rear view of windscreen Left side view of windscreen,
door (both new), old canopy & rear window in place

 Fishmouth Exhaust Stacks

Stainless "fishmouth" exhaust stacks custom made for the Allison engine, made from an original Merlin stack $6,000/set, 1/2 down and 6 month lead time per order.

Note: that the windscreen is available "ready to bolt on" and "In Kit form".

Spitfire Aircraft Co. will pay shipping within contingent USA and accepts checks and PayPal.

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